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Challenge 1: Catch up on laundry in 8 days.

My dad always says, “Never air your dirty laundry.”  Sorry Daddy…

Laundry is the mountain standing in the way of everything else I want to accomplish, so I have to tackle it first and I have to tackle it fast!  I haven’t been caught up on laundry since before my first child was born.  She’s 5 1/2.  It always seems like it should be easier than it ends up being.  I go in with great attitude, but end up defeated by the piles of clean clothes in our bedrooms, the dirty piles in the laundry room, and yes even the piles in our bathroom hamper, aka the garden tub.

I could come up with a thousand excuses why I just can’t get all of our clothes washed, dried, and put away, one of them ironically being my OCD issues because they can cause me to deem an overcoat dirty after only one wear.  (I’ll attempt to resolve that in a much later challenge).  Regardless of the reasons, I simply have to overcome them.  I want to enjoy as many Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities as I can this year without the added stress of trying to find everyone’s pants!

***To flip MOM to WOW, laundry must be clean and organized by Monday, November 24, 2014 at 2:30 pm.***

IMG_20141114_071824066 IMG_20141114_071951834IMG_20141114_072050530


7 thoughts on “Challenge 1: Catch up on laundry in 8 days.

  1. Kayla, can you come here and help me when you have time. I have been procrastinating and moving. Glad you can help Lacey out. You must be really organized.


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